Anatomical Human Heart Purse

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♥ Alexandra's purses are made using her original artwork.

♥ The purse size is 16.14 L x 5.12 W x 10.4 inches or in centimeters, 40.99 L x 13.00 W x 26.00

♥The watermark, words running across the photo, is used to protect our photos. The words will not be on the purse.

♥The purses have two inner pockets for keys and cell phones with a zipper closure across the entire top of the purse.

♥The purses are made from split and embossed leather. The straps are black embossed leather.

♥The pattern areas of the purse are smooth and can be wiped with a damp cloth if needed.

♥Alexandra's pursesare very large inside with room to carry books, groceries, shoes, and can also be used for traveling too.