Alexandra's Story

It wasn't an expensive design college degree, or working under famous designers that taught Alexandra how to design products. It was God and Grandma! When her parents divorced, Alexandra's world turned upside down. She went from being the little girl with the most dolls in her neighborhood, to needing to sell those dolls as there was no money. Her  father abandoned them and her mother had not worked in years. Times became tough very quickly.

But soon her step-Grandmother Gladys came into her life. It was this little 4'9 plump as a biscuit woman who had Jesus in her heart, never wore make up, never wore pants only dresses, never cut her hair, following her deep south Pentacostal religion, she would have the most positive impact on Alexandra's life.

With no money to buy clothes, Grandmother Gladys took Alexandra to the fabric department of KMart, and told her to pick a pattern and fabric. Alexandra hated every minute of it. Like most girls her age, she wanted store bought clothes. What Alexandra didn't realize was at that moment she learned to envision how a product would look and design. After her Grandmother sewed the first outfit that Alexandra chose the pattern and the fabric for, Alexandra was so proud. Soon after Alexandra was old enough to work and she bought all her clothes from then on. That time in her life of picking fabric, would become a distant memory she never thought of. 

After spending years running her own business as an agent for film directors in NYC, Alexandra became tired of making others famous and decided it was time for her to become famous. From then on, Alexandra created over three hundred types of products with over 3000 different designs, her original art. She designed and created everything from skincare, to pet products, home decor, and of course clothing. Her first product was a garment she designed. Alexandra couldn't sew, so she hired retired women who needed extra money to sew for her not realizing that she was hiring all grannies just like her Grandmother sewed for her! Alexandra sent her first design to Country Living Magazine and three days later they called to say they wanted to feature it in their magazine. That featured garned over $100,000. 

After her products had many successes including being featured in over 50 magazines, COASTAL LIVING, COUNTRY LIVING, FLEA MARKET STYLE, HOME BEAUTIFUL to name a few, #49 out of a million sellers on Etsy, four retail stores, selling at wholesale trade shows to retailers, and her products featured on three HGTV shows, Alexandra looked back over her life and wondered how she was able to do all that she had accomplished. She realized it was God who gave her Grandmother Gladys to teach Alexandra how to envision a product and design it.

When Alexandra's father abandoned her, instead of becoming bitter, she turned to God because He promises that "all things work together for those that love God." Romans 8:28, her favorite verse. She learned that her Heavenly Father will always love her and never leave her.

Many years later Alexandra realized had it not been for the cloudy events in her childhood, she would never have learned how to design. It was not in spite of her childhood heartache, it was because of it, that God gifted her with the ability to design and used her little Grandmother to help teach her. God had turned her scars into stars! He used what was meant for harm, for her good.

It took "A Whole Lotta Jesus" to get her past her childhood, to use her mind to not only envision product designing, but envision where she wanted to go in life. It was believing even when it was cloudy, that God would give her beauty for ashes and He did. Everything Alexandra has envisioned, has come true! He can do it for you too♥